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Whether you’re a Christian Scientist searching for answers, a former follower still struggling to let go of confusing teachings, or a friend or ministry partner hoping to better understand the grips of this false faith, this book can help you on your search for truth. In these ten intensely personal narratives, former Christian Scientists bravely recount their journey out of the religion and into authentic, biblical faith in Jesus Christ. Each chapter addresses a different theme, shining light on theological inconsistencies taught by Mary Baker Eddy in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. These themes include matter, Jesus Christ, contagion, prayer, and sin. With reflection questions, pastoral teaching, related Bible verses, and a guiding letter from the author, each story navigates common obstacles and paves the way for a deeper understanding of the Christian faith. For those yearning to find truth, there is hope to be found here.


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Praise for Leaving Christian Science:

“It’s hard to imagine what life is like on the other side of Christian Science, yet Lauren Hunter has eloquently captured each of these stories in detail to help others know the hope they might find, if only they leave.” – Josh D. McDowell, author of Evidence That Demands a Verdict

“Touching, powerful, and full of hope–these stories reveal the wonderful love of God and His incredible power to transform us. Leaving Christian Science is beautifully written and unforgettable.”  -Jill Martin Rische, editor of The Kingdom of the Cults

“In Leaving Christian Science, Lauren Hunter provides a roundtable of heartfelt and resolute stories of the difficulty and the rewards of embracing biblical Christianity, of embracing Jesus Christ instead of Mary Baker Eddy. Combining testimonies, pastoral insights, and encouragement, this is an accessible and valuable book.” -Latayne C. Scott, PhD, author of Why We Left A Cult and The Mormon Mirage

“Painful, raw, and clearly articulated, Leaving Christian Science details the journey out, and the faithful steps into a relationship with Jesus Christ with heartbreak, joy, and hope along the way. As one who was in the grips of a false religion, I know the the difficulty involved in extricating oneself from its false theology. Lauren Hunter does a beautiful job of handholding through the process from initial doubts to finding final freedom.” -Janis Hutchinson, author of Out of the Cults and into the Church

“As a leader in cult ministry in the UK and a former cultist, I found this a compelling read, honest, articulate, and encouraging. Lauren Hunter has managed to tackle difficult issues, share biblical truths and at the same time bring together 10 moving stories of hope and deliverance. I would be confident putting this book into the hands of a Christian Scientist, knowing in it they will find a sensitivity to their needs and a way to finally find peace and assurance in Christ.” 
-Michael Thomas, Chairman, Reachout Trust (

“Most books written by former members of destructive groups are typically exposés that describe the inner workings of the cult. Leaving Christian Science is an inspirational departure from this format. 10 former members describe their successful, but often painful, journey from the bondage of Christian Science to true freedom in the real Jesus Christ.”  -Rev. Bob Pardon, Cult Expert, Co-founder of the New England Institute of Religious Research, and Executive Director of MeadowHaven

“Lauren Hunter writes from a heart of compassion. She knows the pressing questions that must be addressed and delivers them in compelling true stories.”     -Connie Neal, senior editor of The Life Recovery Bible; Co-author, The Emotional Freedom Workbook