Pulling Tire

As I pulled into the parking lot of my pediatrician’s office, I paused as three women doing fitness training were pulling tires across my path.

I’ve stopped for ducks to cross the road, I’ve slowed down for wild turkeys and squirrels, but I’ve never had to put on the brakes for three women pulling tires.

The first thought that crossed my mind was, “Can’t they find a better way to get in shape?”

Their faced looked miserable.

I felt sorry for them.

They probably paid a lot to a trainer to inflict that kind of pain. Aside from my own feelings about fitness, I certainly have never needed to pull a literal tire to feel like the weight of the world is behind me.

When people ask how many kids I have and I tell them four, they usually say something like, “Wow, you have your hands full!” I know I’ve done this to other moms – it’s nearly a reflex.

We (I) feel increasingly encumbered as our children and lists of responsibilities grow in number. I’m not good at asking for help. I don’t like appearing weak.

Comedian, Jim Gaffigan, might just have put it best when he said, “You want to know what it’s like having a fourth kid? Imaging you’re downing. Then someone hands you a baby.” The things no one tells you is that you can make a choice to be open about your struggles and share with those closest to you, and this brings freedom.

Honesty and asking for help are so vital as we aim to raise our families and be good role models to our kids. I’m still working on this.

I’m a perfectionist. I like things neat and clean. But life is messy. Really messy.

And really hard. Feels like I’m “pulling tire” almost every day, sans the personal fitness trainer.

How do you navigate feeling “the weight of the world” on your shoulders?

2 thoughts on “Pulling Tire”

  1. Stephanie Bacon

    This is one of my favorite prayers that reminds me of the precious years I have with my children and the daily adventure we are on.

    O Heavenly Father,
    Thank you for the example of children. They demonstrate the kind of innocence, curiosity, and faith that is so clear to you. They approach life eager to experience new adventures and learn about the world around them, and they trust their parents to be there to guide and comfort them and meet their needs. God, the Bible tells us that you want your children to approach life the same way. You are delighted when I am willing to follow you on the adventure of life, learn all I can about you, and trust you for all I need. As an adult, I tend to make life too complicated, but you welcome me simply to trust you and anticipate with delight the blessings of divine moments with you. Teach me to put my full trust in you, for you are my Father, and I am you child.

    Time is simply moving too fast. As much as I enjoy the company of my boys, I have to do things that re-energize me and help me to be a better wife, mom and teacher. For me, exercise is very important for my overall well being; swimming, biking, running or simply going for a walk. Not only am I getting exercise but pray while I am swimming laps etc.

    My life was incredibly blessed 3 times with 3 amazing boys and someday the house will be empty but my heart will be full with all the memories.


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