Stand Still

There are no minutes
There are no days
Time etches on
lengthening, stayed.

Can’t get it back
No clutch and release
Hold tight, run through
Sandy grains, indeed.

Stand still
My heart undone
Captured, rendered–
Not enough.

Time, come back,
No–move forward
ebb of my heart
Conflicted, distracted.

Treasured spots,
rushed and ruled
by the clock,
Unattainable, immoveable.

Moment, now;
Today remembered
hold fast, hang true
This life, this journey.

3 thoughts on “Stand Still”

    1. Thank you, Melissa! Your comment really means a lot to me. Don’t you wish you could stop time and undo the things you said, or click “pause” on those really wonderful moments you don’t want to end?

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