storm clouds silver linings sorrow blessings

Storm Clouds and Silver Linings {Sorrow Adjacent to Blessings}

I was emotionally triggered and couldn’t quite find my way out of that place in the moment. We’d traversed our way into dangerous conversational territory again. Having successfully launched our oldest child and were leaving him after several days of helping settle him for his freshman year, our conversation had shifted to “what’s next.”

The Best 20 Minutes

You could take a power nap. You could scoot over to Starbucks to get coffee. You could even get one more load of laundry started, or maybe do the breakfast dishes. You could check your email or watch a couple of YouTube videos . . . but it wouldn’t be the best 20 minutes of your day.

Whatever it Takes [poem]

It’s easy to put work first, to put our family first, and sometimes to put our friends, ministries, and even ourselves first. What doesn’t come easy is doing whatever it takes to put our faith first. This poem was inspired by my pastor’s sermon on pursuing God in the New Year.