Motherhood, Ministry, Minivan

Motherhood, Ministry, and My Minivan

If you told me I’d be a minivan-driving mama of four when I first got married, I wouldn’t have believed you. I had no idea what lay ahead, and how my faith, becoming a mom, and driving a minivan would shape me.
Motherhood changed me, and my minivan got me there. 

5 Things You Can’t Rush

We live in a microwave, Wi-Fi hotspot culture. We want it now; we want it fast; we want it yesterday. Thanks to many technological advances like the Internet, smartphones, Netflix, and yes, even the microwave from the 80s, most everyone, including me, has lost patience for the process of many aspects of life that just can’t be rushed.

10 Abilities You Didn’t Know You Had Until You Became a Mother

It’s hard to imagine your life being altered beyond all recognition. From your schedule to the way you handle sticky situations, starting a family kicks off growth in unfathomable ways. If you’re a parent, you know this to be true. Having children changes nearly everything about your life—without being fully prepared no matter how much you spend at Babies R Us.

Undone Pieces

It was one of those nights. A night when I should have been happy to drop right off at 10 p.m., a night I should have had no problems falling asleep, yet there I was, completely awake, minutes rolling by. Lauren HunterLauren Hunter is a writer who loves exploring the big picture of the journey …

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Better Times [Poem]

We all have rough days. You know, those days you wish you could push away and leave behind. As I parent my kids, and especially as I walk through adolescence with my seventh-grade daughter, I’m frequently reminded of the heartache, the unkind friends, and those disappointing moments you wish you could change but can’t.

Through the Fog

Traveling over the Sierras can be lovely and beautiful and conversely treacherous depending on the time of the year. Lauren HunterLauren Hunter is a writer who loves exploring the big picture of the journey we are all on together. Her career spans more than two decades in public relations, content marketing, freelance writing, and publishing. …

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Wanted: Middle-Aged Mom

Our organization is seeking a highly skilled and talented individual to fill the position of middle-aged mom. This is a contract position that includes work-from-home privileges yet also requires long hours, travel, and sometimes unfavorable working conditions. Lauren HunterLauren Hunter is a writer who loves exploring the big picture of the journey we are all …

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Downsizing Christmas

I’m no humbug, but I have to admit that I occasionally have trouble enjoying Christmas. I’ll admit changing the station when “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” croons from the radio, as sometimes it just makes me angry. For our family, December is often one of the hardest months. All the pressures of gifts, …

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Monday Morning Grace

When I worked in Silicon Valley, pre-kids, Monday morning had a completely different context for me. It would set in at about four o’clock Sunday afternoon that Monday morning would soon be upon me. I needed to “shift” modes internally to put on my “kick ass and take names” hat, ditch self-care and relaxation that I …

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