Come On In [Poem]

Come in.
Come on in.
I’m right here.
The door is open.

Come on and sit down.
The seat is free.
This seat is available.
I was saving it.
I was saving it for you.
I knew you’d come.
I hoped you’d know.
That there was room.
Room for you.
Room for you to be.
Be right here.
Be yourself.
Be real.
Just you.

2 thoughts on “Come On In [Poem]”

  1. Hello Lauren,

    In reading your poem, the words of an old song came to mind. Perhaps you’re familiar with “Come As You Are” by the group “Nirvana”? It was somewhat popular in the Nineties. Here are some of the lyrics. Maybe you can see why your poem reminded me of it.

    As you are
    As you were
    As I want you to be
    As a friend
    As a friend
    As an old enemy
    Take your time
    Hurry up
    The choice is yours
    Don’t be late
    Take a rest
    As a friend
    As an old memoria


    1. You are so right! I remember this song from high school. Thanks for your comment.

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