Merger of the Heart [Poem]

dramatically Sometimes companies and corporations,
banks and businesses–
but this is when
two come together
for hope and love
and life and gift.

When two are bound
and the ties pull tight–
when things that separate
don’t pull apart
because of covenant.

That day bleeds into past
as time ticks by
and years roll on
as the hard stuff
of life happens–
and yet you keep saying, “I do.”

It seems that times gone hard
soften like worn pillows,
though old wounds still fester,
there is still something–
a flame, a fire, a continual hope
in growth and trust in bigger things.

The lives that we’ve created–
the bustling brood of
young men and women,
first small then big,
they will come and go,
they will grow and leave.

Yet we are still here–
the ones who first promised it all
and tied these bonds
all because of us—our love—
and this merger of the heart.


2 thoughts on “Merger of the Heart [Poem]”

  1. Mary Henderson

    Lovely….somehow missed this last year. Thanks for offering it again on your blog.

    1. Thanks for your kind words! I actually didn’t publish it last year. I wrote it last year and gave it to John. Decided to publish it this year 🙂

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