Whatever it Takes [poem]

It’s easy to put work first, to put our family first, and sometimes to put our friends, ministries, and even ourselves first. What doesn’t come easy is doing whatever it takes to put our faith first. This poem was inspired by my pastor’s sermon on pursuing God in the New Year.

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8

Whatever it takes–
No matter what comes,
Though I might doubt,
Even if I may run.

Whatever it takes–
To prioritize,
I will shift all my dreams,
And reorganize.

Whatever it takes–
To follow your will,
I’m listening in,
I’m being still.

Whatever it takes–
Even if things get hard,
Tripping and falling,
Winding up scarred.

Whatever it takes–
To trust your plan,
Moment by moment,
Help me understand.

Whatever it takes–
When my head hangs low,
I’ll come back to your word,
I won’t let go.

Whatever it takes–
To renew my faith,
To stay the course,
To plead my case.

Whatever it takes–
You are the way,
Jesus, please guide me,
Right now, and always.