what if things were easy

What if Things Were Easy?

Do you remember the Staples commercials from years ago where the red EASY button was available and when pressed, it solved everyone’s problems? There was something everyone could relate to about wanting a button to press to instantly find a solution to your issues. What if things were easy?

storm clouds silver linings sorrow blessings

Storm Clouds and Silver Linings {Sorrow Adjacent to Blessings}

I was emotionally triggered and couldn’t quite find my way out of that place in the moment. We’d traversed our way into dangerous conversational territory again. Having successfully launched our oldest child and were leaving him after several days of helping settle him for his freshman year, our conversation had shifted to “what’s next.”

5 Things Covid-19 Has Taught Me

It’s difficult to gain perspective when we are in the middle of the biggest upset to daily life any of us can remember. If it had only lasted a few weeks, we’d be back to normal. But we’re not. We are nearly a year into this thing called a pandemic, and my flexibility (word of the year) and patience (that thing you’re not supposed to pray for) have been pushed to new limits. Initially, I wasn’t sure there would be many lessons to learn from Covid-19.

how to navigate change in the new year

How to Navigate Change in the New Year

I hadn’t considered the transition into a new decade as being that important until people started asking me, ‘did you know that we just experienced the last full moon of the decade?’ and ‘what life accomplishments did you experience in the last decade?’ I hadn’t considered how to navigate change in the New Year in exactly this way.