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CoSchedule Marketing Calendar[Review]

I’ve been self-employed for the last few decades and continually look for ways to increase my efficiency at handling client work, writing projects, blogging, and running my content websites. I’ve used a lot of different software solutions over the years and one of my very favorite pieces of software is CoSchedule, the all-in-one marketing calendar for bloggers, marketers, and well, really anyone.

Writing My First Book

If ever there was a skill to obtain before attempting to write a book, it would be endurance. I’ve wanted to write a book for most of my life, but despite the desire, finding the time seemed implausible once I started my own public relations consulting business and began having kids. Several years ago, I made a move to pivot and shift my career no matter what it would demand of me.

Open Letter to Myself

An Open Letter to Myself

I’m writing the open letter to myself because I really couldn’t sit by passively any longer.  I’m very disappointed in you. I’m sad that you don’t treat yourself with more care, that you don’t buy yourself the best and do the very best for YOU. You don’t take time to think through every part of the scenario, but hey, I guess that’s how you learn about YOU.

You Can’t ‘Be All You Can Be’

Once the U.S. Army recruiting slogan written to entice people to serve, “Be All You Can Be,” has come to embody something very American. It extends beyond the bounds of the military and has trickled into our psyche It plays on FoMO, or Fear of Missing Out. It piggybacks on our relatively recent aspirations as women to achieve in the workplace alongside all the traditional responsibilities that have been ours for thousands of years.