Christmas Claustrophobia [Poem]

The lights are all up
the Christmas tree is here
even blinking, twinkling
shining reindeer.

The stockings are all stuffed
by the chimney with care
but there are no places
on the counter that are bare!

Too many chocolates
so many treats;
muffins and cookies
and wonderful sweets.

My house is quite stuffed
and so is my tummy
who would have thought
Christmas would be so yummy!

I vacuum the needles
and restring the lights
but can’t get away
from the restless nights.

How will we fit
all the new stuff in
all those things I don’t need
to even begin.

I just want the meaning
without all the crap–
it’s often an excuse
to get something back.

I know what you’re thinking
I sound like a Scrooge
it’s just that I don’t have
any room to move!

So please, Santa, don’t
bring large boxes or things
that require lots of storage–
I just want THE KING!

I wrote this poem while raising three small children in a small 1100 square foot house. Each Christmas I would dread all the “stuff” from the decorations to the gifts because I enjoy a clutter-free home . . . which is somewhat of a distant memory. Despite the negatives, I do love Christmas and pray a special Christmas blessing on you – that Christ the King himself would show up at your doorstep in addition to the UPS man.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Claustrophobia [Poem]”

  1. Alyssa

    I love this and can so relate in our 1300 square foot house. We have plenty. 🙂
    Just want more of the king. Thanks for sharing!

  2. For many years my husband, four children and I LIVED what you describe in this poem. Then when my 15 year old daughter Leah developed a rare blood cancer and needed a bone marrow transplant we were forced to move to a bigger house. Christmas Eve 2013 was the first night in 6 months that all six of us slept together under the one roof. It was also our first night all together in our lovely new home, although Leah and I had been able to live there for several weeks before the rest of the family moved in. I felt so contented. On Friday 27th December 2013 I took Leah to a routine outpatients hospital appointment and she became ill on the way to the hospital. I next returned home on Thursday 16th January. I entered Leah’s beautiful purpose built bedroom and gathered up my daughter’s Christmas presents, the packaging, the wrapping paper and her uneaten selection boxes, to make room for her coffin.
    I write about my journey through grief in the context of my faith here

    1. Vitoria, Thanks so much for sharing. I can’t imagine what you’ve gone through. My heart goes out to you. Merry Christmas, Lauren

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