I shared this poem I wrote with my Bible study group this past year. Do you have any margin in your life? Are you good at saying no and leaving space in your life? (I’m not terribly good at leaving margin in my life, hence the poem.)

Every edge, every crack, every line—

Filled up, full;

Crammed in, actually,

With no room for nothin’.

Can joy live here?

Can Christ dwell?

Can He be if the minutes, hours, and days

Are all spoken for?


I think not.

The space in and around the page—

That should be blank—

Is written in.


Too many notes in the margin.

Lined or unlined—doesn’t matter—

Can’tall be taken up

By things that may or may not be important.


Ain’t no joy if there ain’t any space to move

Or air to breathe.

Can’t live this way too long, with no margin, no room

For Him to dwell within.

4 thoughts on “Margin”

  1. Mary Henderson (Mom)

    I love your sharing from the heart here in this poem.
    Made me think of this sign in front of a church…

    is less likely to come unravelled.

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