My Jewel [Poem]

The past may hold us,
the future may change us,
yet something binds,
it holds and secures—

Memories, old and new,
combine to seal
and hold tight the grip—
the years cement.

Like family,
in a minute, we are back
as we once were—
bosom friends, sacred trust.

‘A good friend is hard to find’
or so the saying goes;
blessed, I am
to count you as a sister.

No one can steal,
nothing can separate,
no thing can alter
the admiration and love.

My friend, you are a jewel—
precious, beautiful,
one with whom
I can stand the test of time.


This poem was written for a dear childhood friend whose friendship has followed me clear to middle age. While one friend inspired it, I’m blessed to have a small handful of friendships that fall into the “life-long friend” category. If you are blessed enough to have a few friendships like that, you know how precious they are. Feel free to share this poem with them to let them know how much they mean to you!