Waiting Faithfully [Poem]

It’s no small task to wait faithfully (and patiently) for God’s timing in your life; when to get married, when to start a new career, when to buy a house, when to move, when to give up, when to say ‘no,’ when to start over–the list is perpetually long, and most of us wrestle with our confidence in the Lord’s timing and our understand of it at one point or another.

Yet, I’m always delightfully surprised when God answers prayers and provides timing–even in simple things. On the way out the door to leave for my son’s baseball game several weekends ago, with the whole family in tow and my husband at the wheel, the beginning two stanzas of this poem came to me and I scribbled them down as I asked everyone to remain quiet in the car; then, at church a week later, the pastor preached exactly on this topic (Understandable Disobedience 4/10/16) – he talked about “jumping the gun” when God hasn’t provided clear direction yet  (and the subsequent sin that often results). It provided just the inspiration I needed to complete the poem.

The bible is full of great examples of people acting before God’s timing is just right: Saul in the old testament, the Israelites and idol worship, and Abraham and Sarah’s handmaiden to name a few. Instead of leaning (and waiting) on God to provide the solution in His merciful timing, we take things into our own hands.

If you haven’t done this in your own life, you haven’t lived (or you’re lying). I hope this poem speaks to you and is an encouragement.

Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!” Psalm 27:14


Waiting Faithfully

In between the here and now,
In between this time;
The waiting and the watching
the drifting and the chime.

The back and forth of seasons,
like the ebb and flow of waves
meet me here, lulling, washing
promising me to save.

The ‘just before’ and ‘not quite yet’
leave me wanting still—
to make my own agenda
and to gratify my will.

But that’s not wise, I must be calm
and patient in this place,
for when I act without my orders
my God is often displaced.

By my own shortsightedness,
by my own distrust—
that you, my God, know what’s best,
faithful provider—true and just.

So I will stop and pause my plans—
I’ll aim to keep the faith;
I’ll be patient and listen closer
and seek you all my days.

One thing I have desired of the Lord, that will I seek: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.” Psalm 27:4