which path will you take

A Crossroads

In the dark hours of the night
I won’t give up on you,
Even if there’s no light
To penetrate the blue.

When all tears have subsided
And nothing’s left standing in the way,
I will come to you and guide you,
I’m the one who saves the day.

You might think you have the upper hand,
That you know your own next move,
But I am stronger, bigger, wiser—
I can take care of you.

There are greater things at stake here
Than you will ever know.
He tries to hold you back from me,
But I won’t let you go.

You are too precious, sweeter still
To me this very day,
I watch you, want you, know you’re mine
Although you’ve gone astray.

Just one more corner, round the bend,
You’ll see me waiting there.
Yes, I’m the One upon which
You can easily cast your cares.

They may seem like burdens,
Heavy with the wrongs and bad decisions
But try me—I am stronger still
And know that you’ve been given—

A choice. That simple.
A crossroads, some might say.
You’ve been led here for clear reasons
That I might reveal to you someday.

But for now, you must trust me,
Know I have your best interests in mind.
I claim you, now it’s your turn
To put your hand in mine.

You called me, and I listened.
I came and now I’m here.
I love you and I want you–
Now step closer and draw near.

I promise to be faithful
And to always be true.
I am the Rock and Cornerstone,
Solid, through and through.

Though friends will often fail you,
Even family will let you down,
I am the God of comfort,
You were lost, but now you’re found.

Just have a little faith
That I might just know what’s best.
I’ve designed you for my purposes,
Come on, put me to the test.

I will not back down
Or flee in times of need,
I am worth relying on,
Trust me now, you’ll see:

That there is more to this existence
Than what you currently know—
There is a heaven that awaits you
Where only my followers can go.

Although I do look forward
To being with you there someday,
I want to bring you lasting peace–
Right here, right now, today.

So now I’ve posed the question:
Will you accept my plea?
I’m knocking on your door—
You can’t get rid of me.

If not today, tomorrow,
But don’t put me off too long.
I can come close and abide
Once you’ve decided not to be strong.

Because, you see, I need you
To be weak and not too proud.
I need to rule inside you
To take away the shroud.

Of death that is your sentence—
That is the price to pay
If you do not choose me
Before that final day.

Belief in me’s not easy,
Harder, some may say.
But if it’s joy you seek—
I am the Truth, the Life, the Way.

Let me shepherd you,
I want to be your guide–
Together we can conquer all
The obstacles of this life.

And when your days are over,
And you’ve seen the ways I’ve worked,
You will be thankful for all the times
Of difficulty, pain, and hurt.

Your faith, it will be stronger;
Your love, I’ll always cherish
And for this very reason,
I don’t wish for you to perish.

Just call me Lord, Savior, Rabbi,
You know that it is I.
I died for you, for your sins,
Your weaknesses, your doubt, your lies.

You put me here upon the cross
Where all my blood was shed,
And this is where I’m most powerful
To cleanse you and forgive.

I can renew your life
And bring you lasting peace—
Take my hand and let me guide you
Through this sweet release.

Just bow your head,
Confess your heart,
And ask me to come in.
There’s nothing to be frightened of—
Just forgiveness of your sins.

Because, my dear, your now my child,
And I behold your face.
Like a baby, you have become,
Your old life is erased.

And now my Grace has filled you up
And given you new life.
You’re born again, begin again,
To stand up and do right.

I promise I will help you
Every step along the way
I am now your Lord and Shepherd—
You can never go astray.

Feel the joy, the peace, the power—
It changes who you are,
This is what salvation is:
All glory to the Father!

When writing this poem, I felt like a conduit for God. Over the course of three nights, He spoke through my words, almost directly onto the page. I couldn’t write fast enough to keep up with the flow of words that He was giving me. I pray that whoever reads this poem is inspired by God’s Amazing Grace that nothing is too big for Him to handle, nothing or no one is beyond His reach.